Relax with Reiki it can be like Magic.

I have a Reiki client who I see once a week her name I will keep anonymous but what’s interesting about her is that she considers herself a person that doesn’t necessarily believe in the woo woo stuff. But the girl loves receiving Reiki. She tells me it makes her feel relaxed. She usually has a hard time sleeping and getting into that relax mood so that she can sleep comfortably. But when she receives Reiki there is no problem getting relaxed during the session. I, on the other hand, believe in Reiki so I do need not convincing, but I still found it interesting to hear how Reiki relaxes her to the point that she cannot explain the scientific mechanics of its magic. Energy healing is like magic only because it cannot be seen (well there are some exceptions to some) but it can be felt.

feeling relaxed

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